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Cable Installation & Management

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Wire Organizer
Plastic saddle type directs more cable routes
Metal D-Ring type holds more cables
For horizontal or Vertical cable management
Wall Mount Bracket- 4" Deep Hinger Wall Mount Bracker • Swing arms
• Mounting holes with nuts meet EIA standards
• 19" wide, 4" deep
Wall Mount Bracket- Deep Wall Mount Bracket • Designed for mounting hub, switches or other
rack mount equipment
• 19" wide, 8" or 12" deep
19" Relay Rack • Aluminum, 84" (7 ft) high
• Self support base and standard top
• Hole Pattern : EIA (1 ¾"), 10-32 tapped
Swing Gate Wall Mount Racks • 100 lbs. load capacity
• Left and right side quick release hinges
• 24" or 47" high
Equipment Shelves • 19" rack mountable with EIA spacing
• Available in solid or vented for better air flow
• Color : black
Rack & Accessorie- 19" Blank Panel • 19" wide, black
• For filling the rack space between equipment
Cable Ties • Velcro grip ties available in 6 color of several sizes
• Nylon cable ties available in natural color. 100 pcs/pk
Wall Mount Cabinet • Supplied with one set of adjustable mounting rails
• Grilled bottom for ventilation
• Top and bottom knockouts for easy cable access

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