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Patch Panel

Images Category Description
Cat5e Patch Panel - 110 style
• Space saving, 19" wide rack mountable
PCB type 110 termination
Compliant with EIA/TIA Cat5e standard
Cat5e Patch Panel - Telco 50 pin Style RJ45 on PCB in the front
RJ-21 (Telco 50 pin) female on the back
Compliant with EIA/TIA Cat5e standard
Cat5e RJ45 Feed Through Panel Compliant with EIA/TIA Cat5e standard
19" wide panel, loaded with Cat5e RJ45 couplers
Bezel type RJ45 jacks flush with the front panel
Modular Jack Feed Through Panel 19" wide rack mountable
Loaded with snap-in type in-line couplers
RJ12 (for voice), or Non-Cat5 RJ45 types
Modular Jack Blank Panel
Black color, 1/16" thickness
Cutout size meets virtually all snap-in jacks
Numbering on panel
Wall Mount Panel, Block, Harmonica For small voice and data connections
Serve as an intermediate distribution frame (IDF)
Cat4 Telco 50 pin Patch Panel
Compact, low profile design, 19" wide
Equipped with male RJ21 (Telco 50 pin)
Female RJ21 available upon request
Cat4 Patch Panel - 110 Style
Compact, low profile design, 19" wide
110 block on the back
NEXT at 16MHz greater than -46dB
D-sub Feed Through Panel Black, metal panel with numbering
Loaded with load-profile D-SUB gender changers
19" wide panels
Video Balun Patch Panel
F-Connector/BNC/RCA to RJ45 Panel
RJ45 to F-Connector/BNC/RCA Panel
With 12, 16, and 24 Ports available
USB Feed-Thru Panels

Provide 4 types of panels:
A female (Front) to A female (Rear)
A female (Front) to B female (Rear)
B female (Front) to A female (Rear)
B female (Front) to B female (Rear).

<not available>
Firewire Feed Thru Panel IEEE 1394 Firewire Feed Thru Panel
4 Pin to 4 Pin, 4 Pin to 6 Pin, 6 Pin to 6 Pin
12, 16, and 24 Ports Available

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