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PC Cables

Images Category Description
Printer/Plotter Cable
• Parallel Printer Cables
IEEE 1284 Printer Cables
HP Plotter / Laser Serial Cables
Video/Monitor Cable, S-Video Cable VGA/Super VGA cables
S-Video cables
SUN monitor cables
Keyboard/Mouse Cable
PC/AT keyboard cables
PS/2 keyboard/mouse cables
Null Modem Cable
DB9 to DB9
DB9 to DB25
DB25 to DB25
Serial Cable
DB9 to DB9 / DB25 to DB25
AT serial/Modem cable DB9/DB25
DB37 to DB37
Multi-Media/Speaker Cable
Stereo Plug to RCA
RCA male to RCA male
Stereo Plug to Plug or Plug to Jack
Laplink Cable
For Serial port : DB 9 and DB25 both ends
For Parallel Port : DB25 to DB25
Internal Cable IDE cables
Round IDE cables
Internal Power cables
Cisco Router Cable Compatible with Cisco equipment
High Density construction
DVI/HDMI Cable DVI-D or DVI-I cables
DVI Analog to HD15 cables
HDMI to HDMI/DVI cables
KVM Cable KVM,HD15 Male+2*MiniDin6 Male Both Side
KVM,HD15 Male+2*MiniDin6 Male toHD15   Female+2*MINIDIN6 Male

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