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Tools & Testers

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Modular Plug Tools
• For RJ11, RJ12, or RJ45 plugs
Cuts, strips and crimps
Ratchet design delivers precise, exact crimp
Economic Type RJ-45 Modular Crimper For RJ45 plugs
3 ways - cuts, strips and crimp
Built-in safety guide and closed lock
Impact Punch Down Tools For 110 or 66 block termination
Storage compartment for additional blade
Terminates and cuts excess wires
Coaxial / F-Series / Terminal Tools Coaxial crimping / stripping tools
F-Series crimping tools
Terminal crimping tool
Wire Tools Wire cutting, stripping & crimping tools
Wire cutting and stripping tools
Wire cutters
Pro Scanner Network Cable Test System Checks continuity and wiremap
Measures length
4 distinct tones for locating remote cables
LAN and Voice Cable Tester Test RJ45, RJ12 and RJ11
Performs continuity test
Detachable remote unit for installed cabling
Cat5 Starter Kit Each kit includes :
1000ft x Cat5e cable, 50 pieces x RJ45 plugs,
crimping tool, stripper, and LAN tester
Cat5 Premise Cabling Kit Each kit includes :
1000ft x Cat5e cable, 25 pieces x RJ45 jacks,
110 punch down tool, stripper, and LAN tester
Cat5 Install Kit Included in carrying case:
LAN cable tester, crimping tool, stripper, 110
punch down tool, 50 x RJ11 and 50 RJ45 plugs

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