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USB & Fire Wire

Images Category Description
USB Cables- A-Type to B-Type, Male to Male For Hub-to-Peripherals, or PC-to-Peripherals
USB to PS2 Cable Supports for both USB2.0 or 1.1
Used for Keyboard and Mouse
Length: 1 foot
USB to DB9 Cable Supports for both USB2.0 or 1.1
Cable for USB to serial DB9.
Length: 6 feet
USB Serial Converter Supports most commonly used RS-232 baud rate
Fully plug-and-play
Non power unit - Hot pluggable
USB To IEEE-1284 Printer Cable For USB port to IEEE 1284 parallel Printer Port
Input : USB -Type A plug
Output : Centronics 36 pin male
Internal Adapter Bracket - 2 Ports Provides 2 USB-port connection
USB Connector Gender Changer & Adapter PVC injection plastic molding body
Type A & Type B Male, Female connectors
USB to Ethernet 10 Base-T Adapter Real Plug & Play, and hot pluggable
Real Plug & Play; bus powered
Fully compliant to USB and IEEE802.3 spec
IEEE 1394 Fire Wire Cable High performance bus interface
Plug-and-play and hot-swappable
Maximum chaining devices : 67
USB Panel Mountable Adapters Mountable to USB Panel with 3 basic types:
A female to A female
A female to B female
• A female to B female
USB Feed-Thru Panels

Provide 4 types of panels:
A female (Front) to A female (Rear)
A female (Front) to B female (Rear)
B female (Front) to A female (Rear)
B female (Front) to B female (Rear).

IEEE 1394 Firewire Adapters IEEE 1394 Firewire Panel Mount Adapter
4 Pin Female to 4 Pin Female
4 Pin Female to 6 Pin Female
6 Pin Female to 6 Pin Female
Firewire Feed Thru Panel IEEE 1394 Firewire Feed Thru Panel
4 Pin to 4 Pin, 4 Pin to 6 Pin, 6 Pin to 6 Pin
12, 16, and 24 Ports Available

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